Featured Artist: Lori Lasseter Hamilton

Our first Featured Artist of the June 1st “home” issue is poet Lori Lasseter Hamilton. We are thrilled to present this powerful feminist voice who traces her artistic roots back to Sylvia Plath and the confessional female poetry of the last century wedded to modern slam poetry. “Old Springville” and “Sugar and Asbestos” draw our attention to the culture of the American South, which can preach abundance and love while clinging to prejudice and hate. The venom which comes from family can be so potent and so unexpected.

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Lori Lasseter Hamilton lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where, from her phone, she obsessively watches 1980s episodes of General Hospital featuring maniacal cave villains turning diamonds into weather machines and the Australian secret agents who stop them. In the late 1970s, the pre-teen Lori vacationed with her family and cousins once in a Panama City campground called “Venture Out,” smelling paper mills and watching the first Star Wars movie in a theater to escape the rain. Hyped up on cough medicine after getting a cold, she walked around the campground and sang “Venture Out, Venture Out!” at the top of her lungs, a song that had only ever played in her mind.

Enjoy Lori reading “Paper Doll Cut Out” which speaks of  her experience with breast cancer. She is a survivor and her chutzpah and defiance are palpable and inspiring.


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