Featured Artist: Lirio Jiménez

Welcome Puerto Rican artist Lirio Jiménez, whose soulful SAPPHIRE graces the cover of our September 1st issue, along with lively ELISE and warrior ZALIKI within the issue and a companion article, The Divine Nature of Life: Portraiture of Lirio Jiménez! Her mixed-media portraits, composites from multiple images harmonized into a vivid whole, are stunning and full of personality, color and imagery.

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For mixed media sculptor and painter Lirio Jiménez, art was always a go-to diversion at home. Fortunate to be on a life-long expedition to acquire knowledge, with a passion for traveling, and self-proclaimed “The Eternal Student,” she has worked in merchandising, as a tarot reader, and as a spiritual energy healer, before settling in to do mixed media work.
“My need to create is as essential as breath is to life. Most of my work hangs in the galleries of family members to whom I’ve gifted my art.”
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She posts delightful videos twice a week on her social platforms.
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