Featured Artist: Len Cuthbert

Synkroniciti is proud to introduce the first featured artist of our September 1st “labyrinth” issue, playwright Len Cuthbert! An engaging and spirited writer, his short play “Okay Charlie” tells the story of a home AI system gone wrong. If you’ve ever felt that technology and modernity were getting the best of you, you will appreciate the tale of Charlie and Serena and just how difficult it is to keep your head (and your manners) when you can’t seem to dialogue with the problem.

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Here’s Len’s bio, in his own witty words.

Len Cuthbert thinks, writes and sometimes talks, on his own, in the third person, in order to create the next story. And his bio. These stories, instigated by head voices, have found stages in Canada, US and Europe. “Okay Charlie” is from a collection of seven new plays called Faded Shorts. His last (re)collection, Reunited Shorts, was published in 2020 by Dramatic Publishing. Len lives with himself, his wife and two children in a northern village called Canada. One (4th person) may discover more about Len Cuthbert (3rd person), if you (2nd person) visit my (1st person) webpage, www.LenCuthbert.com. See how he/I did that?

Here are few more links for Len’s work:

www.OnStageLive.ca – Production page

www.StagePlays.ca – Plays available for production

https://www.dramaticpublishing.com/reunited-shorts – recent published play

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