Featured Artist: Kuzhur Wilson

Kuzhur Wilson is a leading voice in modern Indian poetry and created the first blog for Malayalam poetry. After living as a journalist in Dubai for a decade, he returned home to Kerala. In 2016, the youth mission of the Kerala government conferred the title of ‘Literary Youth Icon’ on Kuzhur Wilson for his literary contributions. He has at least 15 books to his credit, including translations into English and Spanish, and is also the curator of the PoeTree installation, which encourages the connection between nature and humanity, trees and life. He has collaborated with artists and writers all over the world, including Charlie Hold (UK) and Gittesatre (Norway).

Wilson gathers input for his creative life through traveling, reading and being a humble part of the universe. Wilson’s poems have been translated into English, German, Arabic and Tamil. The universality of his poems makes it easy for an outsider to step into this world of poetic exploration.

Here is a video of Wilson telling the story of Trees in Life, a video poem collaboration with video artist Tina Šulc Resnik featured in our June 1st issue.

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