Featured Artist: Kristy Kristinek

Synkroniciti is fascinated by Kristy Kristinek’s story and mesmerized by her mixed media artwork. In addition to an article about her life and art entitled A Canvas for a Stage: Movement in the Work of Kristy Kristinek, we are featuring four pieces: Reconnect, Below the Surface, Removal of Space and Isolated Step. Kristy began her artistic journey as a dancer, and elements of theater and dance inform and inspire her abstract works, which explore the essence of movement, and by extension, the joy of being alive.
We will be sharing a little of Kristy’s work here today, but, if you want to read about her journey as an artist from the stage to the canvas and want to see these transformative works, you should subscribe or purchase the issue.
Born and raised in the Texas hill country, the Cowboy Capital of the world, Kristy Kristinek started her artistic journey at the age of five. Her drawings reflected the beautiful subject matter which surrounded her… plants, animals and landscapes. Ballet was an early passion. At fifteen, she danced the Nutcracker with the Colorado Ballet and the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet. Seeing the hustle and bustle of backstage and the relationships among the dancers, she decided this was not her path.
In 2008, Kristy moved to Lubbock, Texas, pursuing a BFA (2012) and an MFA (2015) in Studio Art. She now works full time as an Assistant Professor of Art at South Plains College and is also an artist in residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project Work Studio A in downtown Lubbock. She lives with her husband and three-year-old son.
Check out Kristy’s website and follow her on Instagram.

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