Featured Artist: Kathy Labrum McVittie

Synkroniciti is proud to welcome the bold voice of writer, poet and photographer Kathy McVittie, with three earthy poems: “pandaemonium,” “resolution” and “portal.” The first is a stirring invocation of nature and fairytale that pays homage to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, while the other two are meditations on the mystery of life and death. Kathy’s sense of rhythm and rhyme invokes standing stones and mossy grottoes illuminated by dappled sunlight, while her feeling for myth-making ranges from the homespun to the heroic and back again.

Come hear the call of Kathy’s inspiriting poetry. Please purchase the issue or subscribe here. The issue is now available online as of November 30th.

Kathy Labrum McVittie is a biologist, life-writing companion and dancer, straddling the imaginal and the seen. During COVID she joined The Way of the Buzzard in north-west England, and uses their core shamanic toolkit to earth her voice. She was introduced to Synkroniciti by her students Pan Piper and the award-winning writer Sara Collie. Although her previous poetry has been likened to that of Emily Dickinson, she aspires more to Mary Oliver.

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