Featured Artist: Jonathan Yungkans

Synkroniciti is excited to feature a tour de force of photography and poetry from Jonathan Yungkans. Shepherded by ravens, hawks and an owl, he brings us to a meditative and reflective place to study the landscape of the human psyche. Four poems: From This Window That Dominates Everything a Little Too Much, a cadralor about space and being; Birds Make Poor Role Models, a comic piece about a Vegas style raven and a neatnik neighbor; Only the Frozen Emphasis, which won our poetry contest and explores the creative soul as an outsider; and And Tears the Invisible Ear to Shreds, which describes an encounter at night with an owl; are joined by three black and white photographs: High Voltage Hawk, Electric Outlook and Corvid Horizon.

You don’t want to miss the chiaroscuro of these exceptional pieces. Please subscribe or purchase the issue here. The issue, our ninth, debuts September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Jonathan Yungkans is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer who earned an MFA from California State University, Long Beach while working as an in-home health-care provider, an occupation he still practices. His second poetry chapbook, Beneath a Glazed Shimmer, won the 2019 Clockwise Chapbook Prize and was published in 2021 by Tebot Bach.

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