Featured Artist: Joan Leotta

Synkroniciti is pleased to welcome back poet and writer Joan Leotta from North Carolina, USA. We will be featuring her poem, “A Candle Wick Transforms, Transcends,” which speaks of an ordinary wax candle as it is consumed while producing light. Joan walks the line between imagination and realism with this elegant poem, which is paired with “Flame,” a lovely photograph from Houston artist and photographer Yolanda Movsessian. This is the first time we have received a poem and an image that clearly spoke the same language and we are grateful to both artists for consenting to combine forces on a single page.

Would you like to read Joan’s graceful poem? Please purchase the issue or subscribe here. The issue debuts November 30th online.

Joan Leotta has been playing with words on page and on stage since childhood. As a journalist, poet, food writer, short story conjurer, travel writer, and novelist, she has sought to penetrate the mysteries of words on paper. From stages in schools, museums, festivals, and libraries she declaims tales focusing most often on food, family, and strong women.

Check out her website full of encouraging words for creative people and follow her on Twitter @joanleottawrite and on Facebook.

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