Featured Artist: Jben

Welcome French beach artist Jben, who collaborated with Ariel Neo to create Birds of Rain, which is featured on our cover for the new issue as well as in the teaser trailer inside the magazine. Synkroniciti is fascinated by his elaborate designs on the beach, enormous and created by hand with a rake–what a great sense of geometry and space! In Birds of Rain, Jben’s artwork illustrates the ephemeral nature of existence, which illuminates our understanding of grief and of death itself.

To see the Birds of Rain trailer and learn more about this multi-faceted project, please subscribe or purchase the issue here so we can send you a link. The issue, our ninth, debuted September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Jehan-Benjamin Tarain alias Jben, 39, is a project manager and web designer by profession. He discovered beach art in March 2014. The concept really appealed to him and it wasn’t long before he made his first attempts on the beaches of the Royan estuary, a playground trodden since his childhood. He is now recognized under the artist pseudo Jben and works mainly on the beaches of Charente-Maritime where he is from.

Beyond the pleasure of the finished work, the creative process in nature has also become a need, like a desire to reconnect. He has drawn on many beaches in France and even gone beyond borders to materialize certain projects: New York, Holland, England, Portugal and Morocco.

He regularly shares his work on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to give a few moments of reverie to the daily life of his audience.

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