Featured Artist: Halina Goldstein

Welcome poet and spiritual mentor Halina Goldstein! Synkroniciti is blessed to feature My wings long, which interprets the deepest desires and conflicts of being through the guise of a heron. It is a challenge for all beings to leave their nest, and yet it is only by doing so that we learn to fly and individuate into our fullest selves.

Please subscribe or purchase the issue here to read Halina’s centering poem. The issue, our ninth, debuts September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Halina Goldstein was born into a nest which the winds of life have blown from one country to another multiple times. Along the way a few essential things got lost, including Halina’s native language. Naturally, she decided to express herself through music rather than words. Until one fine day her music disappeared as well and Halina was presented with a new challenge: To spread her wings, make the entire world her nest and express in words what cannot be expressed in words. Impossible yet so soul inspiring!

Halina recently published her first poetry collection titled “Love Songs.” There is more about her writing as well as her Awakening To Joyful Living work at HalinaGold.com

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