Featured Artist: Georgia Diakou

Welcome back Greek poet Georgia Diakou! Georgia wrote the text for homeland I, a short film by Eugenia Grammenou featured in Synkroniciti’s new issue, which tells the story of a man who sacrificed his leg for the chance to immigrate from his homeland. A marvelous interweaving of words and images helps us identify with his story. Each and every one of us loses the homeland of their childhood over time–if we don’t move on, the places themselves change. Things happen that change and mar us, though most are not as visible or tangible as a leg.

You don’t want to miss Georgia’s intense and beautiful poetry, so please subscribe or purchase the issue here and we will send you a link. The issue, our ninth, debuted September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Georgia Diakou is still here! She is from Greece. She has a degree in archaeology, but she’s too afraid of the past. Currently, she is a student of theater and writes a lot of poetry in Greek and occasionally in English, trying to expand her system of thought. If she must pick a favorite writer, it would be Samuel Beckett, warts and all. She hopes that she is going to fail better and better each time. Georgia is preparing her first collection of poems and runs a blog called Social Lubricant.

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