Featured Artist: Evelyn Sharenov

Synkroniciti is honored to feature Childhood’s End, Evelyn Sharenov’s moving story of a young woman of Jewish heritage coming of age in 1960s New York City. Growing up in the long shadow of the Holocaust with the tremors of the Civil Rights Movement beginning to shake the nation, a young musician loses her innocence and gains purpose. Evelyn’s writing is magnificent and has a great deal of cultural and historical significance.

We will be sharing a little of Evelyn’s work here today, but, if you want to read this moving coming of age story in the Magazine, you should subscribe or purchase the issue..
Evelyn Sharenov grew up in NYC, attending Hunter College in the Thomas Hunter Scholar Program and later Oregon Health Sciences University when she moved to Portland. She knew that she wouldn’t go hungry with the marriage of writing and providing psychiatric services. Evelyn wishes she could be the woman who finds the cure for Coronavirus.
Childhood’s End is one of her favorite stories. She has been published in the New York Times, Oregon Humanities, the Bellevue Literary Review and other wonderful journals. She is currently hiding in spitting distance of the Pacific Ocean where she is writing the great American novel. When that’s published, she’ll take a nap with the loves of her life—cats and dogs.

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