Featured Artist: Eugenia Grammenou

Synkroniciti is delighted to welcome back poet, filmmaker and visual artist Eugenia Grammenou from Greece with a short film, homeland I,  with a text by poet Georgia Diakou, who is also returning to Synkroniciti. Homeland I tells the story of a man so desperate to immigrate that he sacrificed his own leg to escape with the help of the medical system and his own courage. He looks back over time and wishes he could go back home, all the while knowing that his homeland no longer exists, at least not in that form. Eugenia’s stream of consciousness presentation draws in universal connotations that help us identify with the immigrant’s story. The final image of this beautiful, expressionist film is that of a flock of pigeons murmurating in a town square, their restless motion a metaphor for that of humans displaced from the land of their childhood, yet always somehow returning.

You will want to experience this marvelous collaboration, so please subscribe or purchase the issue here so we can send you a link. The issue, our ninth, debuted September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Eugenia Grammenou is an interdisciplinary artist from Greece working with various media ranging from drawing, installation, and video art to performance and writing. She received a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts AUTh in Thessaloniki (2003). She completed the Master’s Degree Course at the Cultural Organizations Management MSc, specializing in the social role of the museum (2017). She is a PhD candidate at The School of Drama Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2019).

Her work has been presented in solo exhibition and many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Issues such as human nature and inner contradictions, depictions of the human condition, identity, time, personal and collective memory concern her and she explores them through all of her media.



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