Featured Artist: Eric Fehrenbacher

Please join Synkroniciti in welcoming visual artist Eric Fehrenbacher. The “Ritual” issue will feature four of his delightful mixed media artworks: “Vascular osmosis,” “Longing for community in a time of extended separateness,” “Study with wax and tubes (hit the bottom and escape),” and “All the same thoughts in my head as yesterday, just in a slightly different order.” Found objects merge with a variety of artistic media to create fascinating studies and experiments in patterns, colors and textures that also reveal deep musings about meaning, community and synchronicity. “The Creative Process as Ritual” is an accompanying article compiled from his responses to an e-mail interview initiated by Synkroniciti. As beautiful and unique as his art is, Eric describes himself as “an artist who struggles to keep making art.” In these pandemic times, and indeed at any time, many creative people find themselves paralyzed–by perfectionism, by current events, by anxiety or apathy. Eric shares with us some notes on his creative process and what he has learned to do to keep himself going. This may inspire you to see things differently in your life and practice.

Experience these beautiful artworks and learn helpful strategies for maintaining creativity  in Synkroniciti’s upcoming issue, “Ritual,” which will debut online on March 1st. Subscribe or purchase the individual issue here.

Eric Fehrenbacher lives and works in Oakland, California, where he ponders patterns in nature, the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the interconnectedness and disconnectedness of society and culture, and makes art that explores these topics.

Some of his art influences are the carved trails insects leave on the underside of bark, cracked pavement paint in the Home Depot parking lot, Lee Bontecou, the textured music of My Bloody Valentine, and discovering the beauty of California through the eyes of a Midwestern transplant.

His favorite food is coconut shrimp, which he recently found out he is allergic to, but can eat one or two without having to go to the hospital.

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