Featured Artist: Emmanuel Ikuoye

Synkroniciti is overjoyed to welcome our first artist from the African continent, poet Emmanuel Ikuoye of Lagos, Nigeria! His poem Journey to Utopia addresses the flight of Africans to the West and speaks about awaking the spirit of Africa’s children to remember and restore her prosperity. Emmanuel has a rich, prophetic voice and a talent for intense nature imagery. His work is full of literary and historical allusion.
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Emmanuel Ikuoye was born over three decades ago into a humble family of nine in Lagos, Nigeria. He, however, holds the view that one’s humble background is not an excuse for one’s back to be on the ground forever. A graduate of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a teacher spiced with humor and creativity, he holds rigid adherence to integrity, industry and selfless service to humanity. He is an essayist, short story writer and poet whose major preoccupation is balanced on the tripod of equality of mankind irrespective of race, tribe or gender; social justice and the crusade against corruption. Besides, he is a lover of table tennis and member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Lagos Chapter.

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