Featured Artist: Eian Hazzard

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome photographer and filmmaker Eian Hazzard and his fascinating photo Shadow y Reloj, which explores the human experience of the present moment. Eian has a spellbinding and unique vision–this is a young artist to notice and follow.
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Born to an American mother and an Afro-Trinidadian father, Eian Hazzard has led a relatively mundane existence. Mostly based in the Southern region of the United States, he believes that mundanity has served as a motivating factor in his creativity. While not as grand as New York or notable as Nashville, Charleston, South Carolina, provided him with enough diversity to open his mind to new perspectives and ideas. This has been essential for him in creating art that he hopes displaces others (and himself at least) from the less thrilling aspects of any existence.
He is a photographer and an even more passionate filmmaker. At his truest, Eian identifies as a storyteller. That is restricted to no medium or genre.

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