Featured Artist: Dr. Millicent Eidson

Synkroniciti is thrilled to feature writer Dr. Millicent Eidson and her delightful play Monuments. Inspired by events in 2020 that culminated in the toppling of an obelisk in Santa Fe Plaza, Monuments is the story of two women of decidedly different backgrounds and views who meet unexpectedly one night in the heart of Santa Fe. Although they seem destined for a fight, they manage to find humanity in one another. By turns funny, poignant and eye-opening, Monuments presents us with nuanced and three-dimensional characters rather than stereotypes. Too often we embrace those stereotypes as truth; sometimes we even embrace them as our identity. This gets in the way of recognizing and celebrating the diversity that calls our country home.

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Dr. Millicent Eidson devoured Shakespeare’s plays by age seven but took decades to write her first one, “Monuments.” Passionate about the Southwest, diverse perspectives, and lifelong learning, she is a veterinarian on a storytelling mission. Previously, she served as an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New Mexico and New York health departments. Communication is a focus of her teaching with the University at Albany and the University of Vermont. Through the MayaVerse (HOME | DrMayaMaguire) novels and short works, she explores microbial mysteries published by El Portal Literary JournalDanse MacabreMain Station, and Fiction on the Web, including a 2020 Honorable Mention from the Arizona Mystery Writers.

Here’s a short story by Dr. Eidson which was published in Danse Macabre. This is “El Chinche.”


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