Featured Artist: Dr. I. Jay Asher

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome the first of our “Empowered” issue Featured Artists, writer and playwright Dr. I. Jay Asher. Jay has been part of our community through the online open mics at our Soirées and we are so pleased to feature “Jobs in Dubai,” an insightful and harrowing story about Marley, a young gay man on Fiji who is unknowingly hired into the American support forces in Afghanistan. It’s a profound tale of how our dreams can be used to trap us, of cruelty, rape and prejudice, and of love that shows itself unexpectedly in difficult times. Revealing something that Americans need to know about their country’s boot print on the world as well as story of incredible resilience, Jay speaks with a vibrant and youthful voice.

You won’t want to miss Jay’s phenomenal story. You can find it in the “Empowered” Issue of our online magazine, available here. You can subscribe or order the issue, debuting September 1, 2022.

Fred Ebb and John Kander got it right when they composed the song, New York, New York. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Well, I made it in New York. I was vice-president of design in the fashion industry. After twenty-five years in the Big Apple, I landed in Houston, Texas.

I met six youth who wanted to start a support group for gay and lesbian adolescents. They asked me to be a facilitator. I used my marketing skills to promote the group. We went from six youth to over one hundred in less than six months. I used my people skills to get qualified adults to work with the young people. The youth, in return, gave my life a new direction. At the age of fifty-two, I registered at The University of Houston in the counseling department. I achieved a Master’s and Doctorate in family counseling. I moved to Fort Lauderdale and opened a private practice devoted to couples counseling.

In retirement, I started writing short plays, short stories, and finally novels. It’s been fun.

Follow Dr. I. Jay Asher on his website, where you can read his blog and check out his online course, Healing Sessions, for male survivors of childhood abuse.

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