Featured Artist: Désirée Jung

Synkroniciti is overjoyed to introduce poet Désirée Jung and her luminous video poem, “Days of Sun.” This is a look at the daily rituals we enact as humans in an attempt to attract light and happiness. Désirée’s poetry is delightfully transparent and the video creates a wonderful atmosphere, visually and aurally reinforcing the text–you can almost smell the salt, the coffee beans. Désirée directed and supplied the images as well as the poetry, while Cristiane Oliveira and Vanessa Gusmão provided technical assistance and Wayne Cousins provided the voice-over.

Experience this enchanting poem  in Synkroniciti’s upcoming issue, “Ritual,” which will debut online on March 1st. Subscribe or purchase the individual issue here.

Désirée Jung is a poet from Vancouver, Canada. She has published translations, poetry, and fiction in several magazines around the world. She has also participated in several artist residencies. Her education includes a film degree from Vancouver Film School, a BFA in Creative Writing, an MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Comparative Literature, all from the University of British Columbia.

Writing, for her, is a hopeless attempt to capture light, in a constant desire for sunshine. Her most recent work, a series of video poems about memory, landscape and what is not all out there, can be found on her website: www.desireejung.com

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