Featured Artist: Dee Allen

Synkroniciti is honored to welcome poet and activist Dee Allen from Oakland, California, with two magnificent poems, Plastic Isle and Herbert Spencer Theory. Dee shows the world for what it is…troubled, morally ambivalent, yet remarkably awe-inspiring and beautiful. Plastic Isle takes us to the Pacific Gyre, a vortex of ever-growing plastic floating on the surface of the ocean, while Herbert Spencer Theory focuses on the cruelty of nature as seen in an urban struggle between a hawk and a pigeon. Humans like to think we have bettered and softened nature’s hard edges, but those hard edges are part of us, too. Survival depends on how and where we use those edges.

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Dee Allen is an African-Italian performance poet based in Oakland, California. Active on creative writing & the Spoken Word scene since the early 1990s. Author of 5 books [ Boneyard, Unwritten Law, Stormwater and Skeletal Black, all from POOR Press, and from Conviction 2 Change Publishing, Elohi Unitsi ] and 40 anthology appearances [ including 2020: The Year That Changed America, Red Skies from Canada’s Splintered Disorder Press, Geography Is Irrelevant from York, England’s Stairwell Books, Five Words: Volume XIV from West Cork, Ireland’s O’ Bheal, I Can’t Breathe from Kenya-based Kistrech Theatre International and coming soon from the American Bar Association, Law And Poetry ] under his figurative belt so far.



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