Featured Artist: Darija Stipanić

A big welcome to artist Darija Stipanić, whose stunning mixed-media artworks: Status Quo, Status Quo II, Waiting for Dawn and Can You Imagine (inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine) are featured in the upcoming September 1st issue, along with a companion article! These beautiful and impressive abstracts lie on the border between painting and drawing, with structural elements that come right out of her work as a sculptor. They are created by layering acrylic paint, oil and dry pastel, charcoal, pencil and ink, which creates a complex and unique surface–so much textural variety in a 30x30cm square (that’s less than a square foot).
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Darija Stipanić was born Darija Brajan in 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia. She graduated with a degree in the interdisciplinary study of Fine Art and Art History from the Philosophical School at the University of Rijeka in 1997 and is active as a sculptor, painter and print-maker. Driven by a sense of curiosity and restlessness, she enjoys playing with different materials and mixing techniques from painting and drawing in order to create rich textures.
Darija has held several solo exhibitions and participated in art exhibitions in Croatia, South Africa, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, China, Canada, Lithuania, Macedonia, Japan and Bulgaria. She is a member of the Croatian Visual Art Society in Rijeka.
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