Featured Artist: Dan Lloyd

Meet photographer and digital artist Dan Lloyd, who has three surreal and mesmerizing photo-manipulations of the Vermont wilderness in Synkroniciti’s new issue! Bare Ruin’d Choirs recalls the grandeur of Europe’s Gothic cathedrals, Druid Trio invokes ancient shamans of the forest, and Soundless invites us into a new and unexplored world. These images are both calming in their mathematical patterned precision and jarring in their impossible realities. Dan has a brilliant mind and a curious eye; his work in the fields of philosophy and neuroscience informs his artistic sense in an unusual and delightful way.

If you would like to see his beautiful and intriguing work, please consider subscribing or buying the issue: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/.

In his own words:

Dan Lloyd is the Thomas C. Brownell Professor of Philosophy and a Professor of Neuroscience at Trinity College, Connecticut. In addition to more than 60 journal papers, he is the author/editor of Subjective Time: The philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience of temporality (co-edited with Valtteri Arstila, 2014). Other works include Radiant Cool: a novel theory of consciousness, a scientific exploration of consciousness presented as noir detective fiction (2004); and Simple Minds, a philosophical examination of the science of mind and brain (1989). He has presented his animations and sonifications of brain activity at conferences, festivals, and performances in North and South America, Australia, and Europe.

Currently on academic leave, Dan has lived for the last year at the edge of the wilderness in southern Vermont. In the forest, the patterns and symmetries of science and philosophy are visualized metaphorically by patterns in nature, and especially the resilient and evolving structures of living things. His photographic “assemblies” combine natural photorealism with various repetitions and juxtapositions to evoke a surreal world which is both totally natural and completely impossible. (Other images can be found on Instagram at Instagranlloyd.)

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