Featured Artist: D. Larissa Peters

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome poet and writer D. Larissa Peters with two evocative poems. The first, “What no one ever tells you,” is about the riskiness and vulnerability of love, how it is not the fairy tale we are told to expect, but more a raw test of endurance. “The Ritual” paints a portrait of her mother in the kitchen. Cooking, with its recipes and chemical reactions, is akin to magic and this poem relates a feminine rite of passage as knowledge is passed from mother to daughter. Both poems grant us access to secrets which tradition both contains and obscures.

Read her revelatory poetry in the “Empowered” issue of our online magazine, available here. You can subscribe or order the issue, which debuted September 1, 2022.

D. Larissa Peters was born and raised in Indonesia. Somewhat of a nomad, she meandered around the East Coast for more than 10 years before moving to California—in the middle of a pandemic. She loves discovering cities and their hide-aways, mixing cocktails and mingling—turning small talk into stories, or just a long breezy day with a book and the beach.

Her most recent poems have appeared in the Last Leaves Magazine, Carolina Muse, Pocket Poetry, and she has a few forthcoming pieces elsewhere.

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