Featured Artist: Chris Moss

Welcome Australian author Chris Moss, whose intense and revelatory short-story, Fun for the Whole Family! is featured in our upcoming September issue! Trapped in a car wreck, a mother recounts a story of generational abuse and trauma in an attempt to reconcile with her daughter, who is not present. As life flashes before her eyes, we come to see the labyrinth which has defeated her aspirations and hope that her daughter will be able to break the cycle.
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In his own words:
An award-winning author and professional archaeologist, Chris Moss has worked with historical groups, Aboriginal cultural sites, and currently spends his days wandering the bush or poring over old maps. Inspired by a love of history and travels through Australia, Britain, Italy and Russia, Chris’s stories explore men and women caught up in the demands of their cultural background. When not at work, Chris enjoys board games and dancing around the house with his wife and three daughters.
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