Featured Artist: Charlotte Hart

Synkroniciti is overjoyed to welcome Featured Artist Charlotte Hart, a wonderful poet and visual artist based in Evanston, Illinois, with four marvelous poems, “The perseverance of green,” “St. Isaac’s angels,” “Genmaicha,” and “Ecstasy of Spirit,” in our new “Flow” issue. These poems explore the world as an abundance of color, texture and emotion and are a breath of fresh air in times so focused on productivity and scarcity as ours. Charlotte marvels at the tenacity and beauty of growing things; she laments the destructiveness of war. Then she sits with a lonely child to share the joy of a cup of freshly brewed tea. Drawn up into the spiritual sensuality of color, Charlotte communes with the creative muse. The spirit of her language recalls that of the medieval mystics, earthy and yet ecstatic and ephemeral. There is delight here, but also awareness, as well as a revolutionary attitude of patience and depth.

Read Charlotte’s powerful and mystical poems in Synkroniciti’s “Flow” issue. Purchase the issue or subscribe here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/.  The issue becomes available on the afternoon of June 1st online.

Charlotte Hart’s first solo show of drawings was at The Art Institute of Chicago and her drawings are in the permanent collection. Her first poetry book was The Pegasus Ring. Hart’s chapbook, Organic Spirits, from Finishing Line Press, about spirits of fruits, flowers, and nuts, was read in her daughter’s Koval Distillery along with tasting liqueurs corresponding to the spirits in the poems. Her book of poetry, Desert Flow, with art by abstract digital artist Adrián Caldera was published in English and Spanish by Cloud Hands Press in 2022. Hart’s poem, “Clark Street Beach” is incised in concrete in front of the Evanston, IL library. She has published in literary journals and won prizes for her poetry.

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