Featured Artist: Charles Elliot

Synkroniciti is proud to feature poet Charles Elliott in our newest issue. “L.A. Neighbors,” which won our spring contest, is a wistful look at how modern people live so close to one another without knowing one another. “Deathbed Summons” remembers the death of the poet’s mother, while “Home” recalls his father moving out of his longtime home. “Bully Cats” is a delightful musing on the power of these furry companions to rule one’s social life. The natural fluidity of these pieces belies meticulous craftsmanship.

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One of those much-maligned Old White Men, Charles Elliott began as an impoverished Irish-American/German-American kid in a Brooklyn slum. This past year he hid from Covid-19 at home in Southern California, tended his Monarch butterfly garden, read poets he admires, pondered how racism diminishes even his life, and flirted aslant with the Muse—often at 3:33 a.m.—to create the unpublished manuscript, “Dangerous Ideas.” His poetry—featured in Levure littéraire, Chiron Review, Aethlon, Potomac Review, the New York Times, and two anthologies—is pending in The American Journal of Poetry.

Elliott administers The Poetry Cabin on Facebook and a Twitter account, @ThePoetryCabin. He reads his work on Youtube at beautyseer. Elliott also wrote three Southern California history books and won journalism and fine art photography awards.

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