Featured Artist: Cesar Ceballos

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome artist Cesar Ceballos. Our upcoming issue features three vibrant watercolor and pencil paintings: “Faith,” “Rite” and “Kriya.” These figural paintings celebrate the nourishing energy of femininity. Vibration, energy and light permeate the works as Cesar meditates on inclusion, sacrifice and daily spiritual practice. We were also honored to interview Cesar and put together “Art Should Be Free: The Evolution of Message in the Watercolors of Cesar Ceballos,” a feature article accompanying the works. He is a delightful person, full of a contagious wonder and sense of humor and thoughtful about the world, seen and unseen. His work addresses climate change and social justice, blending traditional knowledge with modern sensibility.

See these empowering works in Synkroniciti’s upcoming issue, “Ritual,” which will debut online on March 1st. Subscribe or purchase the individual issue here.

Cesar Ceballos, an artist and architect born in the Philippines and residing in Nevada, uses salt and fruit to express light and shapes in paintings. His sketches attract birds to poop on them which adds drama to his artworks.

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