Featured Artist: Cendrine Marrouat of Auroras & Blossoms

Synkroniciti is excited to share the work of Auroras & Blossoms, a platform for positive art founded by Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis.  We feature four artistic forms which they created. These forms have a common ancestor in the haiku but embrace new combinations of genre and media.

In our upcoming issue, Cendrine shares a touching Flashku called “The Shed” and a lovely, minimalist Sixku.  A Flashku is a form of flash fiction crossed with photography, a dash of haiku and words taken from a previous work, in this case Kahlil Gibran’s The Red Earth. A Sixku is a a six-word poem arranged in three lines and inspired by a photo.

Would you like to see these delightful new forms and learn more about them–maybe even write your own? Please subscribe or purchase the issue here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/.

French-born Canadian Cendrine Marrouat lives in Winnipeg. She is a photographer, poet, multi-genre author, and the co-founder of several artistic projects, including Auroras & Blossoms and the PoArtMo Collective. She is also the creator of the Sixku, the Reminigram, and the Flashku. Cendrine started her career in 2003. She has worked in many fields, including education (language instruction), social media coaching and training, content creation and curation, translation, photography, poetry, theatre, art criticism, blogging, and journalism.

Here are a couple of links to sneak a peek at Cendrine’s work.

The first is a gorgeous, atmospheric photography shoot of an abandoned farm near Winnipeg. The second is a treasure-trove of words and images. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we will feature co-founder David Ellis.

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