Featured Artist: Barbara Blatner

Welcome playwright Barbara Blatner, whose remarkable and fierce Two Sisters is featured in the upcoming September 1st issue! Sara has decided to write a memoir exposing sexual abuse by the family nanny and Janeen, who does not remember the abuse, is vehemently opposed to the idea. The sisters communicate via phone, text message and voice message as they deal with explosive feelings. It is a tour de force and an important story about the stigma survivors face from within and without.
Would you like to read this intense work that sheds light on how the human psyche protects itself from unwanted memory? We invite you to subscribe or buy an issue.
In her own words:
Barbara Blatner is a playwright, poet and composer living in upstate Manhattan (Washington Heights) with her writer husband and her cat Bird. All three creatures laugh often. Barbara has been pushing uphill like Sisyphus for many years learning how to write a play. Finally, she’s gotten a few stones to the top of the incline and there they balance. Barbara directed TWO SISTERS, which is printed here, at the Secret Theatre last summer and was thrilled to animate the runes of the play by finding with actors each specific moment of movement and line delivery.
Check out Barbara’s website.
Here are some links:
“Fact Is” from The Still Position, a collection of poems recounting the days before her mother’s death
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