Featured Artist: Ariel Neo

Synkroniciti’s final Featured Artist for “Hidden” is no stranger. We are so excited to welcome back director and painter Ariel Neo, with NAUTILUS, a two-part music video series that is part of her BOTANICA FLORAE project. This 13 installation venture seeks to raise awareness for conservation and stewardship of the Earth’s ecosystems. Inspired in part by Ariel’s experience in the early days of Covid-19 quarantine, Nautilus draws the beautiful harmonies of LUNIS, endangered plants, her splendid large circular paintings and a rout of snails into a dreamy, melancholic world dominated by nature and the tide. We are also pleased to include a short behind-the-scenes article called Extended Harmony.
We will feature a little of Ariel’s work here today, but, to see the Nautilus videos and read the accompanying article, you should subscribe or purchase the issue.
Ariel Neo is a versatile interdisciplinary artist from Brittany, France, following her unique vision in the fields of oil painting, photography and film. Her inspiration springs primarily from nature and her distress at the damage humanity is causing to the environment.
As a painter, she makes bold, colorful totemic images on large, round canvases, often installed and photographed in outdoor settings where they take on an unusual and profound resonance.
Several of her short films, including Rainslide (2:1) and her most recent release, Firefalls, have broken on to the international stage, winning numerous awards and inspiring audiences.
Visit Ariel’s websiteand follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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