Featured Artist: Aaron White

Synkroniciti is proud to welcome author Aaron White. Our September 1st issue will feature Soonest, Saturn, a deeply personal and highly relatable short story about a mother trying to do the best for a daughter who doesn’t conform to society’s expectations of children. Set at a clinic in Brazil where such children are bathed in river water to take away the toxins that keep them from being human, this tale delves into the complexities of motivation, the prejudices and the personal pain that drive us to desperate attempts to take control of our fates and the fates of our children and families. Perceptive, expressive and colored with imagination and depth of feeling, Aaron’s brilliant writing shows us the beauty that we often cast aside for conformity and practicality. The father of a neurodivergent child, he speaks with authority and anguished compassion to raise awareness and empathy for people who are different.

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Aaron White lives and works in Terre Haute, Indiana. He holds an MA in Literary Studies from Eastern Illinois University and contributes to Bluestem Magazine as an assistant nonfiction editor. His writing has appeared in The Anatomy of Desire: An Anthology of Distance, The Smart SetMonths to YearsThe World We Live(d) In: An Anthology of Poems about Social JusticeCapsule Stories, and other publications. He spends his days raising a daughter, navigating academia, and wallowing in obscurity. Connect with him on Twitter @amwhite90 and Tumblr at amwhite90.tumblr.com.

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