Fear and Music: Crossing the Border with Alfredo Rodriguez

Public Domain Image via Pixabay
Public Domain Image via Pixabay

When pianist Alfredo Rodriguez was invited to play for jazz legend Quincy Jones, he was excited and perhaps a little nervous. The journey would not do much for his nerves. A Cuban National, he was arrested by Mexican officials before crossing the border at Laredo, Texas. He was detained for several hours, while officials demanded money and threatened to deport him. This piece, called Crossing the Border, is a testament to the racing feelings that possessed him during that ordeal. Alfredo’s playing is fiery, full of technical bravura and deep emotion.

And yes, everything worked out. Alfredo was able to come to the United States and fulfill his dream of collaborating with Quincy Jones. We are thankful that we get to hear him play.

Video via QuincyJonesProds on Youtube.

For more about jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, you can read and listen here at NPR.org.

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