“Dance in the Flow” by Yolanda Movsessian wins Synkroniciti’s spring cover art contest



Synkroniciti is excited to announce the winner of our “Flow” cover art contest, Yolanda Movsessian’s “Dance in the Flow,” an alluring combination of sketch and digital artwork which intimates the relationship between humanity and nature. The image is not only beautiful, but thought-provoking. We see before us a figure clad in flowing robes, the sea and planet Earth invoked by the deep blue-green area on the right. Wind, often used as a metaphor for spirit and energy, is suggested by the rippling, contoured lines. There are echoes of the spirit of God moving over the waters–humanity often imagines the Divine in our own image–and an acknowledgement that we are part of nature, tethered to her by need. 

How we walk on the Earth determines the future, and the Earth gives us energy and sustenance to exist. What cataclysm awaits if we destroy that which feeds us? How do we learn to dance lightly in her flow, rather than drawing too much from her by force? How we see ourselves and our entitlement or responsibility within the natural order is paramount to our survival; if we take more than we need, then, ultimately, we destroy ourselves. “Dance in the Flow” encourages us to be more aware of our individual and collective acquisitiveness and to find a healthy balance. 

Yolanda Movsessian is an Armenian born in Iran who currently lives in Houston, TX. Now that she has survived the adventures of raising her three magnificent children (and they have survived her) she spends her free time writing, drawing, playing with her camera and plotting ways to steal her daughter’s beautiful velveteen cat.
Her short stories have won Mississippi Review’s 2020 prize for best fiction, finalist for Kallisto Gaia Press’ Chester B Himes Memorial Short Fiction Prize, as well as top 3 of first round of NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2021. Her writing, art, and photography can be found in various places such as Synkroniciti, Defunkt, and Equinox Magazines. She loves collaborating with various artists. Recently her cine-poem “waxing gibbous 97% illuminated”, a collaboration with Filmmaker Mitchell Collins, won Judges’ first prize in the ReelPoetry Festival 2022.
Congratulations, Yolanda, and thank you!

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