Daily Space Prompt #21


She grew up with too much space. I don’t mean the prairie, although Big Sky country was full of it. Her family was remote. She never saw her mother and father touch; they floated past each other like planets with similar orbits. From the time she learned to walk she began establishing patterns of her own, most of them designed to keep her out of the way of her parents and her older brothers. The only person she could talk to about her troubles–or any emotion, even joy–was her dog.

Photo by Mirzat on Unsplash


Synkroniciti’s November 30th issue will have the theme of space. The submission period is open through October 16th and we will be posting prompts on the subject. You are welcome to use them to generate creative work. If you like, you can submit the work to us–but you aren’t required to do so. If you submit, please follow the procedure on our submissions page. We charge a $3 fee, which you can pay on the page.

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