Daily Space Prompt #12

Synkroniciti’s November 30th issue will have the theme of space. The submission period is open through October 16th and we will be posting a prompt every day on the subject. You are welcome to use this prompt to generate creative work. If you like, you can submit the work to us–but you aren’t required to do so. If you submit, please follow the procedure on our submissions page. We charge a $3 fee, which you can pay on the page.

Space #12

The day my father died I ran into the garden to cry. It was our place, where he taught me how to prune, water, and care for the plants that fed us and the flowers that brightened our lives. His favorite was the Castor Bean, the most poisonous plant in the garden, growing tall in the center bed. As I reached it, I sobbed. Nothing but an empty bed remained, turned and ready for a new planting.

Image by Edgar Gonzalez from Pixabay

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