Daily Prompt Space #11

Synkroniciti’s November 30th issue will have the theme of space. The submission period is open through October 16th and we will be posting a prompt every day on the subject. You are welcome to use this prompt to generate creative work. If you like, you can submit the work to us–but you aren’t required to do so. If you submit, please follow the procedure on our submissions page. We charge a $3 fee, which you can pay on the page.

Space #11


I initiate the diagnostic sequence for the space station as I have done a hundred times back home but this time it is for real. The lights dim, perhaps a glitch. I feel something slide by on my right side, but when I turn, nothing is there. I hear two or three bars of music—it sounds like a waltz. The lights return and the diagnostic sequence completes. All normal.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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