“Curiosity” Featured Artist Ron Pullins

Please join us in welcoming back writer Ron Pullins. We are excited to have his bowler-clad protagonist, Dada, previously featured in “Clocks::Corn” (Hidden) and “Interview at BurgerRoo” (Ritual), return for his most striking and thought-provoking adventure yet, “Hanging Man.”  On his way to work through the winter snow, already late to start his day and in a philosophical frame of mind, Dada ponders: “Beneath the pond the water is not frozen. It aches to flow, pulled to earth, pulled down to the very center of things, eternal gravity grasping for the water, come to me, it says.” Dada’s wistful mood is broken when he comes upon disaster hanging from a tree. It’s a beautifully dark moment of synchronicity as he wonders about the memories and experiences that make up a life. Is there a place where they collect, an ocean of Being? Ron is adept at creating spooky, quirky atmosphere. “Hanging Man” goes a step further by building suspense to an eerie pitch, piquing our curiosity through an ominous magic realism. It feels as if anything could happen in this surreal landscape and that sense of possibility leaves us breathless. This is masterful storytelling.

Experience Ron’s fascinating story in the newest issue of Synkroniciti, “Curiosity,” now available for purchase and digital download here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Ron Pullins is a retired publisher, the founder of Focus Publishing which published books on theater and the humanities and is now a part of Hackett. After over thirty wonderful years managing the company, working with over fifty delightful authors, publishing over 130 titles and selling gads of books every year, he has fully committed himself to writing plays, poetry and fiction. Formerly from Kansas, Ron now lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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      Long live Dada!
      This is his best yet.

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