“Curiosity” Featured Artist Lindsay Cronk

Please join Synkroniciti in welcoming visual artist Lindsay Cronk. The “Curiosity” issue features five of her playful and thought-provoking paintings in the naive style, along with a feature article. Lindsay has bipolar disorder and her art grows from her need to express and explore her reality. The childlikeness of her art allows her to express difficult subjects simply and with humor. “She Grew Up in a Small Town” shows a smiling young woman surrounded by birds, the epitome of sunny youth with all of the promise of possibility. “Supervision Tools”  is “about the surprising spirituality of bipolar disorder.” The chakra system is laid out over the body of a three-headed woman, showing how people learn to develop awareness when they can’t trust their feelings. “Getting Out Alive Will Be Harder Than It Looks” is about dealing with suicidal thoughts. A woman stands amongst birds, but this time many of them are dead. One lone bird flies free, symbol of hope. In “Losing My Marbles, More Fun Than You Might Think,” the birds are replaced by marbles, one of which has sprouted wings and is flying toward us. Lindsay tells us that, while mania may make a person bold and lively, it also hurts. This particular type of sunniness can’t be trusted, and it burns like the sun burned Icarus.  Finally, “All the Secrets I Keep” is about “acting normal” when one’s thought processes are in manic mode. Lindsay’s art is her story, expressed wordlessly in a way that sneak up on the viewer’s humanity.

Get to know Lindsay’s revealing artwork in the upcoming “Curiosity” issue, now available for pre-order here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/. The issue drops on June 1st, online only.

Lindsay Cronk is a self-taught American artist whose unique and whimsical creations have earned her numerous awards and accolades in the field of naive art. Exploding with candy colors and often including unusual composition, Lindsay’s work captures the joy and wonder of everyday life in a way that is both playful and sophisticated.

“As an artist, my work is first and foremost inspired by story in all forms. After that, I strive to capture the whimsy and playfulness that is often overlooked in the mundane, finding beauty in the unexpected, even dark places of the human experience.”

She paints about fairytales, biblical lore, mythology and her personal struggles with mental illness.

Please visit her website, lindsaycronk.com.

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