“Curiosity” Featured Artist Katharine Weinmann

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome poet and photographer Katharine Weinmann with two poem-photography combinations contrasting curiosity with worry and a series of four photos which speak to the evocative nature of place and the mystery of travel. “Her Precious Curiosity” reminds us of the wonder that we have put away to become serious and adult, often jeopardizing our mental health and happiness in the process. The “little girl slows down to smell the flower/ tilts her head to hear the hint of birdsong/ stops to look up into the leavesand we are tugged into rest for our souls alongside this busy mother. What in daily life is so urgent to take our attention from the present moment? “An Insomniac Questions” focuses on worry and how situations cannot be solved by thoughts. Katharine’s poetry is intelligent and relatable, using repetition to create structure and alliterative music. The photo series, comprised of  “…and the cat,” “to ponder the wonder,”  “what lies beneath” and “a future foretelling,” presents us with beautiful images from travels in the Arab world. It is fascinating that the things we see in other cultures give us new mirrors and tools to understand ourselves, if we are willing to look with empathy and curiosity.

Experience Katharine’s illuminating poetry and art in the newest issue of Synkroniciti, “Curiosity,” now available for purchase and digital download here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Katharine Weinmann is a seeker whose reading of poets and philosophers shapes the container from which her words and images emerge, revealing beauty in her imperfect, sometimes broken, mostly well-lived and much loved life. An intrepid traveler who enjoys sharing good food and fine wine with family and friends anytime, any place, Katharine loves to concoct one-off “silk purse” meals from kitchen leftovers. A published poet and award-winning photographer, she blogs at A Wabi Sabi Life and is co-editor of the online quarterly, Sage-ing: The Journal of Creative Aging.

Katharine lives with her husband and their beloved Annie dog on the Canadian prairies, but her heart is most at home on the mighty Niagara River, or in Italy. Che bello!

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