“Curiosity” Featured Artist Jeannie E. Roberts

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome back poet and artist Jeannie E. Roberts, last featured in our fifth issue, “Labyrinth.” In “Curiosity,” she presents two atmospheric abstract photographs, “Ameba Sunrise” and “Abstract Series: Napa,” and three poems, ranging from the humorous and quirky to the mysterious and bold. “The Abracadabra of Cardinal Signs” explores a moment of synchronicity as a winter landscape is jolted into life by the visitation of a flock of birds. We often interpret unexpected natural phenomena as signs of the supernatural, as forces reaching for us from beyond the grave or beyond physical existence. This resonance can help us find our sense of wonder and growth after dry spells in life. “The winged leader aligned my Libran bent, retrieved my level’s bubble, eased it back to plumb.” The gentle music of Jeannie’s language guides us to a place where the intellectual meets the intuitive and magic is born. “An Acrostic of a Curious Sort” is a humorous tribute to the wild curiosity that spins our minds even as we put it aside to take on menial tasks. Finally, “On the Occasion of Reading LOVE WARRIOR: A MEMOIR, an Evocation in Pantoum Form” is a tribute to Glennon Doyle’s book and an exhortation to intelligent women, examining the relationship between intelligence, beauty and kindness in the feminine persona. The pantoum form consists of stanzas of four lines, with the second and fourth lines of one stanza becoming the first and third of the next. Repetition moves forward, working toward a reasoned outcome and embodying the fusion of beauty with intellect. 

Explore Jeannie’s contemplative poetry and art in the newest issue of Synkroniciti, “Curiosity,” now available for purchase and digital download here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/

Jeannie E. Roberts’s work appears in online journals, magazines, and print anthologies, including Anti-Heroin Chic, Blue Heron Review, Braided Way Magazine, Bramble, The Poeming Pigeon: A Journal of Art & Poetry, Portage Magazine, Quill & Parchment, Silver Birch Press, South Florida Poetry Journal, Synkroniciti Magazine, and elsewhere.

She’s an award-winning artist and has worked as a freelance fashion and professional portrait photographer. She’s also the author of several books and serves as a poetry editor for the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs.

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