Cover Art Contest Winner and Memorial Dedication for Synkroniciti’s Fifth Issue


Lirio Jiménez

Synkroniciti is thrilled to announce the winner of our second-ever Cover Art Contest, Lirio Jiménez of Puerto Rico! Her mixed media painting SAPPHIRE was one of many stellar submissions we received, and it was not only the dazzling colors, textures and beauty of the piece that secured her win, but the engaging iconography and imagery.  People return to the image over and over again to unpack her symbols, which speak volumes about our theme, labyrinth. Please check out her website, The Spiritual Artist.

For the first time in our history, Synkroniciti received so many intensely valuable and high quality submissions that we, more than a week later, are slightly past halfway in our approval process. Last Monday’s final submission day doubled our pool and sent me running to contact everyone and make decisions. In these pandemic days, this is an amazing testament to our mission and we could not be more excited about the interest and support we get from artists and and subscribers who make up our community. Thank you!

I cannot wait to share with you the many moving parts of labyrinth: the winding paths of memory, the monsters, and the heroes. I am very excited that our hero thread contains elements of Amelia Earhart. Move over, Theseus!

MaryBeth Smith

Our joy is also tinged with the sorrow of parting. One of our patron saints, the mentor become friend who was my sounding board on many occasions, my chief proofreader, and a guide on my path, passed on July 13th after a brief but very devastating illness. The waking world is poorer for the loss of MaryBeth Smith, voice teacher, Feldenkrais practitioner, Quaker, and advocate for people seeking authenticity in their lives. I will miss her desperately, but I glory in her creative spark and the connections she made between people, which continue to flourish after she has left this Earth. We dedicate this issue, with its labyrinth theme, to her memory and will include her obituary and a small tribute. She would have truly loved this issue and how active and rich it is. Thank you MB! Until we meet again.



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