Congratulations to the Artists of Synkroniciti’s “Wild” Issue


Congratulations to the thirty-three artists selected for our upcoming “Wild” issue! “Wild” saw a twenty-percent increase in submissions from the record set by “Home.” We are thrilled with the quality and depth of our submissions and are grateful to our fantastic contributors. Our beautiful cover, shown above, is “The Journey” by Sindy Yeung.

Here are the artists:

Adrián Caldera, Digital Art, Chihuahua, Mexico

Peter Cashorali, Poetry, California, USA

Cesar Ceballos, Watercolor, USA/Philippines

Beth Copeland, Poetry, North Carolina, USA

Kelly DuMar, Photography, Massachusetts, USA

Diane Funston, Poetry, California, USA

Sage Futrell, Photography, Virginia, USA

Elizabeth Gade, Poetry, USA

Jeremy Garnett, Poetry, New Territory, Australia

Kayla M. Haranda, Poetry, Texas, USA

Charlotte Hart, Poetry, Illinois, USA

Mark Hendrickson, Poetry, Iowa, USA

David Holper, Poetry, California, USA

Lori Howe, Poetry, Wyoming, USA

Tara Iacobucci, Poetry, Massachusetts, USA

Rachael Ikins, Poetry, New York, USA

Ann Ingraham, Essay, California, USA*

D.R. James, Poetry, Michigan, USA

Sukhmani Kaur, Resin Art, Punjab, India

Judy Klass, One Act Play, Tennessee, USA

Jennifer Maloney, Poetry, New York, USA*

Joan Mazza, Poetry, Virginia, USA

Barbara A. Meier, Poetry, Kansas, USA

Ndzanael, Mixed Media, Canada/Cameroon

Eloísa Pérez-Lozano, Poetry, Texas, USA

Louhi Pohjola, Poetry, Oregon, USA

Laura Rodley, Poetry and Photography, Massachusetts, USA

Ambra Scali, Ecological Installation Art, Liguria, Italy

John Sheirer, Photography, Massachusetts, USA

Anne Stewart, Poetry, Minnesota, USA

Sindy Yeung, Acrylic Painting, Hong Kong, China*

Jonathan Yungkans, Poetry, California, USA

Aleza Zheng, Mixed Media Sketch, California, USA/China

* winners of our “Wild” contests

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