Congratulations to the Artists of Synkroniciti’s “Curiosity” Issue!


Congratulations to the twenty-seven artists selected for our upcoming “Curiosity” issue! We are thrilled with the quality and depth of our submissions. We had almost the same number as we had for our previous issue, “Wild,” which set a new record twenty percent higher than we had ever seen, and this for a more elusive and abstract theme. From those who return over and over with new jewels and surprises to those included for the first time, we are grateful to our fantastic contributors. Our striking cover, shown above, is “Applause” by Elzbieta Zdunek.

Here are the artists:

Dee Allen., Poetry, California, USA

Jason Baldinger, Photography/Ekphrastic Collaboration, Pennsylvania, USA

Terry Barr, Essay, South Carolina, USA

John Patrick Bray, Short Play, Georgia, USA *

Cesar Ceballos, Watercolor, USA/Philippines

Lindsay Cronk, Visual Art/Painting, California, USA

Robert L. Dean, Jr; Poetry/Ekphrastic Collaboration; Kansas, USA

Stacie Eirich, Poetry, Louisiana, USA

Diane Funston, Poetry, California, USA

Jeremy Garnett, Poetry/Video, Northern Territory, Australia

Marjie Giffin, Poetry, Indiana, USA

Benjamin Harnett, Poetry, New York, USA

Annette Boushey Holland, Poetry, California, USA

Lori Howe, Poetry, Wyoming, USA

Lorraine Jeffery, Poetry, Michigan, USA

Laura Celise Lippman, Poetry, Washington, USA

Emilie Lygren, Poetry, California, USA

Kathy Labrum McVittie, Essay, Scotland, UK

Peter Motzenbecker, Poetry, New York, USA

Binoy Paul, Mixed Media/Sculpture, Assam, India

Ron Pullins, Short Story, Arizona, USA

Jeannie E. Roberts, Poetry/Photography, Minnesota, USA

Merryn Rutledge, Poetry, Massachusetts, USA *

Fran Schumer, Poetry, New Jersey, USA

Katharine Weinmann, Poetry/Photography, Alberta, Canada

Jonathan Yungkans, Poetry, California, USA

Elzbieta Zdunek, Digital Collage, Germany/Poland *

* winners of our “Curiosity” contests

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