Congratulations to the Artists of “Space,” debuting November 30th

Congratulations to all of the artists chosen for inclusion in our upcoming “Space” issue! The issue will debut online November 30th and may be pre-ordered here: Competition was fierce–there were many tough decisions–and the issue is stunning. We are particularly excited at the number of local Houston artists represented, as well as those from island nations and territories: New Zealand, Cyprus and Réunion. Our mind-bending cover is “Black Hole” by Steve Geer of the P2 Collective of Chicago.

Here is the list:

Leslie Archibald, Poetry, Texas, USA

Jason Baldinger, Photography/Ekphrastic Collaboration, Pennsylvania, USA

Naomi Bindman, Poetry, Vermont, USA

Jeffrey Bryant, Poetry, California, USA

Terry Cox-Joseph, Poetry, Virginia, USA

Robert L. Dean, Jr., Poetry/Ekphrastic Collaboration, Kansas, USA

Stacie Eirich, Flash Fiction, Louisiana, USA

Dina Friedman, Poetry, Massachusetts, USA

Shen Ge, Poetry, Texas, USA

Elder Gideon, Poetry, California, USA

Lindsey Morrison Grant, Digital Art, Oregon, USA

Lori Lasseter Hamilton, Poetry, Alabama, USA

Mark Hendrickson, Poetry, Iowa, USA

Alison Hicks, Poetry, Pennsylvania, USA

Lori Howe, Poetry, Wyoming, USA

David Holper, Poetry, California, USA

D. R. James, Poetry, Michigan, USA

Gavin Kayner, Poetry, Arizona, USA

Judy Klass, Short Play, Tennessee, USA

*Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Poetry, California, USA

Jennifer Maloney, Poetry, New York, USA

Miriam Manglani, Poetry, Massachusetts, USA

Rex McGregor, Short Play, New Zealand

J. T. Morse, Photography, Texas, USA

Nahalah, Painting, Réunion Island

Neil Ellis Orts, Flash Fiction, Texas, USA

A. J. Parker, Poetry, Arizona, USA

*P2 Collective, Ekphrastic Collaboration/Photography and Poetry, Illinois, USA

P2 members: Maureen Tolman Flannery, Alexa Frangos, Steve Geer*,  Caroline Johnson, Suzanne Metzel, Wilda Morris, and Susan T. Moss

Jeannie E. Roberts, Poetry/Photography, Wisconsin/Minnesota, USA

Sandi Stromberg, Poetry, Texas, USA

Margo Stutts Toombs, Poetry, Texas, USA

Angie Vein, Photography, Cyprus

Cynthia Yatchman, Painting, Washington, USA

*Jonathan Yungkans, Flash Fiction/Photography/Poetry, California, USA

John Zedolik, Poetry, Pennsylvania, USA


  • winners of our contests for cover, poetry and flash fiction



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