Congratulations to the Artists of “Intersections”


Congratulations  to the twenty-five artists selected for our upcoming “Intersections” issue! We were extremely pleased with the quality and depth of our submissions and are grateful to our fantastic contributors. The gorgeous cover is from The Hidden Dimension II by Sarah Choo Jing. You can pre-order your link here or subscribe.

Here are the artists:

Lorraine Arsenault, Poetry, New York, USA

I. Jay Asher, Short Play, Florida, USA

Geoffrey Baring, Short Story, Indiana, USA

R. Bremner, Poetry, New Jersey, USA

Adrián Caldera, Digital Art, Chihuahua, Mexico

Peter Dakutis, Short Play, Georgia, USA

Roméo Desmarais III, Poetry, Ontario, Canada

David Estringel, Poetry, Texas, USA

Diane Funston, Poetry, California, USA

Lori Lasseter Hamilton, Poetry, Alabama, USA *

Charlotte Hart, Poetry, Illinois, USA

Mark Hendrickson, Poetry, Iowa, USA

Lori Howe, Poetry, Wyoming, USA

Anne-Julie Hynes, Digital Art/Photography, Québec, Canada

Rachael Ikins, Poetry, New York, USA

Sarah Choo Jing, Video/Visual Art, Singapore *

Joan Leotta, Poetry, North Carolina, USA

Yolanda Movsessian, Digital Art, Texas, USA

D. Larissa Peters, Poetry, California, USA

Christopher X. Ryan, Short Story, Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Gerard Sarnat, Poetry, California, USA

John Sheirer, Flash Fiction, Massachusetts, USA

Margo Stutts Toombs, Essay, Texas, USA

Jonathan Yungkans, Poetry, California, USA

Aleza Zheng, Visual Art, California, USA/China

* winners of our “Intersections” contests

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Artists of “Intersections”

  1. Roméo Desmarais III Reply

    I…AM…RoMeO-HoMeO ô£ tHę MåRtïÃñS >{:)…AND…

    I am proud, honoured, and pleased as punch that two of my pieces, “who’s zoomin who (on the FREEway of LOVE!)” and “MåRtïÃñS INVADE FLORIDA!!!” shall be published in such a worthy publication, and in what promises to be an amazing issue, “Intersections”.

    As a sneak peek, I’ll be performing “who’s zoomin who (on the FREEway of LOVE!)” at tomorrow’s Synkroniciti Soirée open mic. “who’s zoomin who (on the FREEway of LOVE!)” incorporates lyrics from the song “who’s zoomin’ who”, off the album of the same name, by the late, GREAT, Miss Aretha Franklin!

    I told editor, Katherine Grace McDaniel, who is in Houston, TX, how I purposely chose to submit this piece because it takes place at a poetry festival in South Texas, via Zoom, where I was absolutely dumbfounded by the bigotry to which I was exposed.

    My gratitude to her and the rest of her editorial staff for having, as she put so well, “the last word on Texas”!

    If you’ve never had the good fortune to hear Ms. Franklin’s song and album, do yourself a huge favour and scope it out!”

    I’ll also be reading “Love, Defined”, which I dedicate to the memory of my loving father, who passed into the light on November 18th, 1997.

    I hope to see you all there!

    Thank-you ever so much again, Katherine et al.! >{:)

    • katmcdaniel Post authorReply

      You are so welcome! I am looking forward to hearing your reading tomorrow and meeting you online.

      Texas is a big, beautiful state–I’m sorry that some folks here don’t have big, beautiful hearts. Synkroniciti does our best to fight the good fight for creative people against bigotry.


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