Bug Music: Graeme Revell’s The Insect Musicians

800px-Cetonia_aurata_take_off_composition_05172009You might know composer Graeme Revell for his film scores, including Dead Calm, The Crow, Sin City, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, or perhaps even as a founding member of the industrial band SPK. You probably aren’t acquainted with his album The Insect Musicians, featuring digitally manipulated samples of sounds made by various types of crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, wasps, bees, flies, moths, and beetles. The result is pretty impressive.

Video via Leitmotivation on Youtube.

Inspired by traditional Japanese poetry that reflects upon the sounds of insects and the melancholy of the autumn season, this album seeks to rediscover the natural through the electronic, a subject Synkroniciti has written about here. Types of sounds included are stridulations, or rubbing of body parts together; tymbalic vibrations, caused by muscular movement of membranes; drumming on objects; expelling air; wing vibration; and sound produced by activities such as eating or moving around. To find out more, including a list of all performers, click here to read the booklet that accompanies the recording. Fantastic!

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