“Broken” Featured Artist Cesar Ceballos

Synkroniciti is pleased to welcome back Filipino-American artist Cesar Ceballos in our “Broken” issue. We feature three beautiful watercolors which explore sustainability and resilience in modern and ancient architecture. Cesar is an architect as well, which gives him a unique perspective on the subject. “High Winds Blow Away Roofs” is a watercolor representation of the Chicago skyline during heavy winds with marvelous detailing in makeup pencil, while “Porta Cretella” and “Ruined Treasure” look back at ancient structures: the city wall of Antica Monterano and the Colosseum, both in Italy. He makes the point that, while modern architecture understands more of the science behind tall buildings, modern buildings are not often built better than ancient ones, at least the ones that remain standing today. Building schedules, money, worker availability and the frequency of extreme weather events due to changes in climate all impact how our buildings are raised and how long they stay standing. Anything we build is subject to decay and will change over time–will our modern buildings age gracefully?

View Cesar’s art in our upcoming September 1st issue, “Broken,” available for pre-order here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/purchase-individual-issues/.

Cesar Ceballos, a respected architect, artist, and world traveler uses colors to express the geometry of nature; light to enhance the volume and drama in a painting. Culture, tradition, and history play an important influence in his artworks. Cesar utilizes disregarded products from food and construction materials and gives them participation in his paintings through imprints and texture, creating new possibilities in contemporary aesthetics and values in watercolor painting.

In 2021 and 2022, his works were awarded first prize and Special Merit at the Apollo Dionysian International Award for Poetry and Contemporary Art, conducted by The International Academy of Signification Poetry and Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy.

His artistic roots grew out of his origin in the Philippines. He earned his masters’ degrees in architecture and management in the USA and passed the exams to be a licensed Architect. In addition, his paintings have been exhibited and published worldwide, including in Berlin, Rome, Milan, London, Warsaw, Seoul, Tbilisi, and Ljubljana, as well as Canada, the Philippines, and the USA.

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