Autumn Patterns: The Mesmerizing Stop Motion of Ouroboros by sam3

© Leo Reynolds with CCLicense
An Ouroboros
© Leo Reynolds with CCLicense

Sam3 is an artist living in Murcia, Spain, whose work includes mural and street art as well as film. Today we feature the stop motion video entitled Ouroboros, which cuts together footage shot in Berlin in autumn 2008. Stop motion is a form of animation in which a subject is manipulated physically and filmed so that it appears to move on its own. The subject is moved between shots, creating the illusion of autonomous movement when the shots are edited into a continuous sequence. Sam3 has used this technique imaginatively to illustrate the cyclical nature of motion and life itself. Ouroboros refers to an ancient symbol of a dragon or snake eating its own tail, symbolizing recreation and rebirth, the mystery of beginnings and endings.

The music is by Persian musician Bijan Chemirani. The video is dedicated to “all the people who appear without permission”. Lovely!

The bicyclists by the roadway blow my mind, as different cyclists merge into one another and cars pass in both directions behind a foreground dominated and punctuated by arches. Trippy and extremely clever! Extra points must be awarded for the creative use of a bicycle chain and the word play between cycle and bicycle. Sam3 has a knack for capturing synchronicity.

You can see more of the work of sam3 here.

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