As the Clouds Roll By: Future Projects at Synkroniciti

We’re excited to announce our first ventures outside of cyberspace! Synkroniciti is bringing three projects to life in Houston, Texas.

microphone-298587_640Open Mic Nights

Especially geared for poets, storytellers, and singer-songwriters, these intimate evenings give creative people a chance to perform original work in a supportive environment. Each guest brings either a $5 cover charge or an original poem, short story or song.

Submissions must be pre-approved and will be performed either by the author or by a synkroniciti representative, depending on the author’s preference and personnel available. Multiple submissions from a single artist will be considered and programmed as time allows. Some pieces may be selected to be featured on the synkroniciti website after the event.

Each evening will feature a theme. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served. BYOB. Invites are by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please let us know. We are currently scheduling the first of these events for September 2014.

Nurturing Creativity Workshopsworkshop-171099_640

Are you interested in becoming more creative or in finding new outlets for your creativity? Whether you would like to broaden your horizons or overcome roadblocks, synkroniciti has strategies to improve the quality of your artistic vision and enhance the flow of inspiration you are experiencing. We focus on playful, gentle explorations of the creative impulse through improvisation and empathy.

Details TBA. We hope to offer our first workshops sometime during the Fall of 2014.

Euridice Revealed

Orpheus is well known for his epic journey to the land of death and back, but what about the shadowy woman who embarked upon that journey before he did? She must have been a true force of nature to inspire such devotion, and yet little is said about her, save that she was beautiful. What lies hidden away beneath that beauty? Based on a cycle of six poems by Katherine McDaniel, this collaborative project will engage a number of creative people to explore, create, and share the story of Euridice with an audience.

Synkroniciti is currently designing a crowd-funding campaign for the project. We will be accepting applications for creatives interested in working on Euridice after the first phase of crowd funding has been completed.


All images used in this post are public domain images from Pixabay.

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