Featured Artist: Radoslava Hrabovská

Meet Radoslava (Radka) Hrabovská, our first featured artist in the June 1st issue. A multi-media artist from Slovakia, Radka possesses a marvelous sense of texture and a talent for deep expression, as well as formidable graphic and assemblage skills. She is a single mother to four boys and a Fine Arts teacher at a nearby high school who still manages to find time and resources to create stunning works of art, exhibiting around the world and receiving grants for her talent and perseverance. I am very proud and honored to welcome this important, leading female voice to our Synkroniciti community.

We will be featuring 5 of her works: Woman, Bonnet, Time for Tea, Torso-Crying in Blue, and Staying in the Wind, as well as an article about Radka in the new issue. If you would like to know more about this very special artist, please subscribe or buy the issue of our online magazine here: https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/

In her own words:

Radoslava (Radka) Hrabovská comes from a small village in Slovakia called Bojnice. Her desire to travel and explore foreign lands has been fulfilled in her own way, even though she was born in Bojnice, lives in Bojnice and will probably die in Bojnice. She moved up to the second hill in the village and found a job 6 km from her native village in the town of Hlohovec.

If traveling was her first dream, her second was to become a mother. She now has 4 sons and is also a high school teacher, where students sometimes call her mom.

Her dream of motherhood was probably sensed by professors at the Academy of Arts, who didn’t accept her. So her third and greatest dream, to study as an Art Major, never happened. She graduated instead from the School of Education Department of Art, where she had great teachers and was even discovered by sculptors Viliam and Marcela Loviska, studying privately in their studio.

Her children are the inspiration that runs around her home, popping up frequently in her artwork, along with all her dreams and unrealized thoughts and desires.

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